Wayne Woods Garden Club was founded in March of 1955 by Treva Scherrer and Mrs. J. Leonard Starkey. The two neighbors lived in the area known as Wayne Woods located on Sharon Drive, Woodhill, Croton, and Fletcher Roads. Treva’s arranging and gardening abilities and Mrs. Starkey’s organizational talents were a perfect pair for the birth of Wayne Woods Garden Club.

The first meeting was held a Treva’s home with about 14 members present. They met once a month in the evenings at a different member’s home. The meetings were informal as the members shared their gardening and arranging knowledge. The members were encouraged to enter outside flower shows even before they had their own.

With a growing membership of 25,  the monthly meetings were moved to the Roberts Elementary School, where the club still meets today. Although much has changed over the years, some cherished things remain the same; sharing love and knowledge of gardening and enjoying the warm fellowship between members.

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